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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2011|11:15 pm]
not only is this blog totally emo.
but i've been getting spam.
sionara, sucker.
see me at blogspot==>

Hate Mail [Sep. 14th, 2009|03:16 pm]
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I have a quote on myspace that had Hitler's name attached to it (it's deleted now, mostly because I don't feel like dealing with bullshit from people like this... mostly). I added this band as a friend. What follows is the result of a friend request. Any feedback is welcome.

From: allseits
don..t know why you want me to be your friend. i definately don..t want somebody as my friend who doesn..t know a shit about nationalism and fascism but quotes adolf hitler, and talks about all that white shit.
please don..t listen to my music, you stupid white american

From: mary
I like your music, that's why I added you.
To explain, I just liked the Hitler quote, because in America, people don't really pay attention to what's really going on around them. The other quote was a quote from Bill Hicks, who was a satirist. The blog has nothing to do with hate, if you bothered to read it you'd have noticed that. And I haven't claimed to know anything about nationalism or fascism, thanks for asking.
It appears that you are full of hate and ignorance. I apologize, I misjudged.


From: allseits
maybe i..m a bit sensitive on this theme...but i..m not full of hate, i..m just fighting against ignorance and stupid thoughts.
if you say you like the adolf hitler quote, i can..t understand you...do you know what it says exactly and what it meant to thousands of people in the past? i think u don..t, otherwise you wouldn..t like it, or you are ignorant, or you are a neonazi.
in the musicscene of dark music are lots of those and i can..t stand it.
if i misunderstood u, i apologize, but realize that you are quoting words which are full of hate and which causes lots of peoples death because people believed in it... so what else should i think, that you are?
if you just want to have attention.....why with adolf hitler? Provocation ? the universal alibi for everything? sorry, but i think it is stupid....that..s my point of view, and thankfully i live in a democracy, so i won..t be killed for that, like thousands before.

From: mary
So had I not included Hitler's name in with the quote, would you still judge the words in the same way? If you didn't like what was on my profile, you had the ability to deny the friend request. I was not asking you to join me in my belief system, not hat you bothered to find out what I actually do believe before you judged. And you continue to assume my standpoint. Do you realize that by calling me names, such as a stupid White American, makes you appear racist? In the future I suggest you assess the situation instead of attacking the person. What you are doing makes you appear to be the very thing you claim you are fighting against. I can only hope that you think of your words before they are written from this point forward.


From: allseits
i see you deleted the name of adolf
that doesn..t makes it better...but whatever....i think u can..t understand my point, because you have another background and i can..t understand yours. for me the way you think is careless and too simple.
what do you think should happen to people who don..t want to fight, or who are not able to? i think there are lots of them. have you ever thought about that? i guess you did not....but what do i know, i..m a racist, cause i..m white and german and called you stupid white american....uuuuu ....but you are not of course, even if you spread words in the web from the worst dictator and mass murderer in the world.
whatever....i think this discussion is senseless. just go on with your stuff and let me do mine. but please don..t listen to my music...it..s not for people like you.... i..m a racist now, but i love it ...i..m german...people expect that

From: mary
I did not call you racist, you did that on your own.

Link{2 souls eaten} speaketh

(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2009|12:20 am]
[Mood |excitedexcited]

I'm seeing Alice Cooper on August 4th at 8pm.

Pranks involving electronic road signs stir worry [Feb. 6th, 2009|02:02 pm]
[Mood |amusedamused]

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – Pranksters in at least three states are messing with electronic road signs meant to warn motorists of possible traffic problems by putting drivers on notice about Nazi zombies and raptors. And highway safety officials aren't amused.
The latest breach came Tuesday during the morning rush hour near Collinsville, Ill., where hackers changed a sign along southbound Interstate 255 to read, "DAILY LANE CLOSURES DUE TO ZOMBIES."

A day earlier in Indiana's Hamilton County, the electronic message on a board in Carmel's construction zone warned drivers of "RAPTORS AHEAD — CAUTION."

And signs in Austin, Texas, recently flashed: "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!" and "ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN."

Officials in Illinois are concerned the rewritten signs distract motorists from heeding legitimate hazards down the road. The hacked sign on Tuesday originally warned drivers of crews replacing guardrails.

"We understood it was a hoax, but at the same time those boards are there for a reason," said Joe Gasaway, an Illinois Department of Transportation supervisory field engineer. "We don't want (drivers) being distracted by a funny sign."

Authorities haven't figured out how pranksters access the signs. Gasaway believes the Illinois sign was changed remotely, and Austin Public Works spokeswoman Sara Hartley suspected the hackers there cut a padlock to get into the signs' computers.

Some Web sites, such as Jalopnik.com, have published tutorials titled "How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign" as a way to alert security holes to traffic-safety officials. Jalopnik urges its readership of 2.6 million a month not to put its lesson to practice.

"Hacking generally is about showing where there are holes in security systems, and I think this is a great example of that," the site's editor-in-chief, Ray Wert, told The Associated Press by telephone Wednesday. "I'm sure there are all sorts of ways to use that information in a way that's inappropriate, but we're trying to make clear this is an issue that needs to be confronted by traffic safety and transportation officials."

Wert said he had no immediate plans to take down Jalopnik's how-to guide.

In Illinois, tampering with an official traffic control device is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $250 fine — half what a culprit might have to pay in Texas if caught. If convicted in Indiana, a culprit faces up to a year in jail and $5,000 in fines.



400 questions. [Jan. 7th, 2009|08:56 pm]
[Mood |blahblah]
[Music |Green Day- King for a Day]

1. What is your real name? Slutbum Walla
2. What is your birthday? I wasn't birthed. I was hatched.
3. Any nicknames? I'm sure the people who talk behind my back have a few
4. Which is better: summer or winter? winter.
5. Who are your best buds? my sugar daddy... wait, sorry, that's not me.
6. How many people are on your buddy list? I forgot to look. bummer.
7. Are you friends with everyone on your buddy list? no, they're my buddies.
8. Whom do you hate? everyone. equally.
9. Whom do you love? viggo mortensen, patrick roy, john cusack, robert downey jr., john c. mcginley, d.b. sweeney... in that naughty, dildo kind of way.
10. Are you in love? help, help! i have vallen und i cunt get up!
11. Have you ever been in love? never ever. love's icky.
12. Have you ever cheated on your g/f or b/f? nope.
13. Do you regret #12 if you said yes? so you're excluding me, then?
14. Who is your dream date? "dream date"? the one where i get the best one night stand ever and get left with a billion dollars.
15. Have you ever been on a date? like the calendar kind?
16. Have you ever kissed someone? *blushes*
17. Are you a virgin? some days, i feel like i am... or is it weeks? months????
18. If #17 was NO then how many people? one, the "first" technically didn't count.
19. Do you regret losing it so young? how did you know what age i was?!
20. Do you think pre-martial sex is wrong? only if it involves spawning. same goes for post-martial sex.
21. Do you regret dating someone in the past, and wish you were just friends the whole time? well, i do wish i wasn't a dumbass sometimes.
22. Who is your b/f, g/f right now? i can't tell you that, my husband's my friend on here!!! ;)
24. Do your friends annoy you about your sex life? no, i annoy them about my sex life.
25. Do you think what Bill Clinton did was wrong? propaganda. SHENANIGANS!!!
26. Guys: would you have done what Bill did, if you were him? once again, excluding me in my own survey...
27. Ladies: would you give oral sex to a married man? i do.
28. Do you believe in God? sssssss.
29. Do you believe in Aliens? illegal ones.
30. Do you believe in ghosts? my mom scared me into saying yes.
31. Have you ever seen a ghost? obviously not.
32. Have you ever seen an alien? i grew up in florida, take a guess.
33. What do you think about the Taco Bell dog? never met him, but i heard he had a real bad coke habit. and i'm not talking about the fizzy kind.
34. What is your favorite animal? wolves, and MY dogs.
35. Do you like sports? hockey and football.
36. What sport do you hate? if it was a sport, i would say baseball.
37. What sport do you love? HOCKEY
38. Do you play sports? no. i don't think girls should play sports. unless they're gay, then they should play softball. however, baseball isn't a sport...
39. Which ones? i wrestle once or twice a month...
40. Whats your favorite number? 13, 69, 666
41. Does your favorite # have a special meaning to you? yes, it raped my mother and killed my father.
42. Do you ever wish that you can someday play pro sports? yes.
43. If so which one(s)? HOCKEY
44. Who is your idol? i do not participate in religious activity.
46. Did you like Varsity Blues? i don't remember liking it.
47. Did you like She's All That? once again, don't remember.
48. Did you like any movie that recently came out? i did buy the original night of the living dead recently...
49. Why do they always skip a question? who are they and what the fuck do they want?
50. What type of music do you listen to? BLACK FUCKING METAL.
51. Do you smoke? the pole.
52. If so; what do you smoke? cigarettes. white ones. with a filter.
53. Do you drink? the blood of young children.
54. Whats your favorite alcoholic drink? beer.
55. What is your bed time? when i'm not working.
56. Do you have a stuffed animal to sleep with? do dogs count as stuffed?
57. What is your favorite soda? mountain mtn dew and all its variations. i used to like mdx a lot, can't find it anymore, though.
58. What is your favorite pizza? italian meat and green peppers. and lots and lots of cheeeeeeese.
60. How many pillows? 1
61. What do you sleep in? a bed.
62. Do you wear make-up? i "can" wear make-up, doesn't necessarily mean i do.
63. Boxers or briefs? no thanks.
64. Can you drive? i am old enough.
65. What do you drive? a rice burner.
66. What kind of car do you have? a japanese rice burner.
67. What is your dream car? one that requires no gas, no maintenance, and a laser.
68. Where is your dream vacation? in never never land.
69. Do you like the beach? in pictures, sometimes.
70. Do you like the mountains? i LOVE mountains.
71. Do you love your parents? sometimes.
72. Do you and your parents get along? i don't live with them, so yes.
73. Have you ever run away? in my head. i never returned.
74. If #73 was a yes; where did you go? the same place where my vacations are.
75. Would you ever steal a car? if i could get away with it and not get caught.
76. Have you ever stolen a car? yeah. ten of them.
77. Would you ever kill someone? *sigh* if only it was legal
78. Have you ever been in a fight? every other week.
79. Do you like to fight? if the other person doesn't take it personally and is able to argue like a decent human being, then yes. so... no, i don't like to fight.
80. What is your greatest accomplishment? getting this far without killing those around me.
81. What is your favorite quote of all? wow, that's pretty high and mighty. How about, "you suck at life"
82. Who is your favorite band? used to be Rammstein, and i do still like 'em, but i guess it depends now what i'm in the mood to listen to.
83. What is your favorite movie? zombies.
84. What is your favorite song? misanthropic.
85. Do you have a TV in your room? yeah
86. Do you have a VCR in your room? yeah
87. When do you usually take a shower? when i'm dirty
88. do you like to swim? if i'm getting paid, i can act like i like it.
89. Do you like jacuzzi's? are they free?
90. Do you like beer? yep
91. Do you like to fish? mmm, what kind of fish?
93. Do you like any outdoor activities? hiking, camping, being away from the human race.... yes.
94. When was the last time you participated in an outdoor activity? before i left colorado. :(
95. Are you a happy person? for the right price, i'll be whatever you want me to be
96. Do you have any really depressed friends? i have friends???
97. If #96 was a yes; (insert retarted question here)? well. that's a retarded question. haaaaa.
98. Are you depressed; or have you ever been depressed? not anymore, thanks to jebus.
99. Have you ever commited suicide? yes, this one time...
100. What could be so wrong to try such a thing as commit suicide? i can't answer that, i'm dead now.
101. What is 32+69? too many toes.
102. Gap vs Structure? what the fuck?
103. Tommy Hilfiger vs Ralph Lauren? are these gay guys?
104. Rap vs rock? no.
105. Tupac vs Biggie? sorry, i speak english.
106. Korn vs Limp Bizkit? i thought they were the same?
107. Smoking vs Drinking? smoking the pole?
108. The '60's vs the '90's? dirty meets flannel.
109. Jimi Hendrix vs Lenny Kravitz? well, since jimi hendrix is d-e-d, kravitz would probably win.
110. Cereal vs Pop-Tarts? yes plz
111. Are you getting tired? of your face.
112. WWF vs WCW? world wildlife foundation versus world class wrestling. hmm.
113. Bowling vs pool? pool
114. Cars vs trucks? monster trucks!
115. Dr.Pepper vs Mr. Pibb? sure.
116. Sprite vs 7-Up? make 7-Up yours!
117. Mountain Dew vs Fresca? fresca's visa expired.
118. Coke vs Pepsi? what else is in it?
119. Beer vs liquor? speaking of pepsi... beer.
120. Friends vs g/f;b/f? friends.
121. Chess vs checkers? both.
122. Baseball vs softball? softball.
123. Basketball vs football? football
124. Top vs bottom? depends on who's more attractive.
125. Regular vs bubble bath? where the difference is the bubbles? i shower.
126. Cake vs ice cream? ice cream cake.
127. Chocolate vs vanilla? i am a bisexual.
128. Dancing vs partying? if i'm dancing, i'm done for.
129. Dreams vs reality? reality constantly kills my dreams.
130. Shorts vs pants? pants. my legs are so white they would blind a blind guy.
131. Shoes vs bare feet? as long as they are not flip flops, i couldn't care less.
132. Shirt vs no shirt? i like boobies.
133. Shower vs bath? i am so over this game.
134. Tea vs coffee? coffee.
135. Burger King vs McDonald's? burger king... without the child molester with the mask
136. Chic-Fil-A vs KFC? bleh.
137. Applebees vs Chili's? which one's free?
138. School vs church? neither. they breed ignorance, conformity, and and make you constipated.
139. Doritos or Lays? doritos.
140. Budwiser vs Coors? coors
141. Couch vs bed? bed.
142. Tent vs tree-house? both!!!
143. Sheets or no sheets? no sheetz.
144. Laptop vs desktop? yes.
145. Drunk vs sober? drunk with no hangover.
146. Apples vs oranges? yes.
147. Summer vs winter? wow, deja vu.
148. Snow vs dry? snow.
149. Rain vs sunny? thunderstorms without the power outage.
150. Cd's vs cassettes? once again, i'm a bisexual.
151. Day vs night? twilight.
152. Rent a movie vs movie theater? rent.
153. Wal-Mart vs K-Mart? the wonderful world of wally. kmart is a little TOO white trash for me.
154. Bi-Lo vs Winn-Dixie? awwwwww, winn-dixie.
155. Poker vs rummy? i can win rummy. i think.
156. Hotel vs back seat? i.e. my place or yours?
157. Indoor pool vs outdoor pool? indoor pool. the screaming echos, if you catch my sex. i mean, drift
158. Guys vs girls? it's not nice to hit girls.
159. Cards vs computer generated games? if i'm alone, computer.
160. Monopoly vs Scrabble? i can't think and spell at the same time and i suck at monopoly. so either way, i'm fucked.
161. Mario vs Sonic? it's all about super mario world
162. Hot vs cold? cold.
163. Pizza vs sub? i'm picky.
164. MTV vs VH1? vh1 or old mtv... when it was white.
165. TNN vs CMT? what's the difference, besides the country music?
166. Nascar vs Busch (racing)? isn't it the same thing? a bunch of cars making left turns? yes?
167. Christmas vs Birthday? no thanks.
168. Chinese vs Japanese? what's the difference, besides the pronunciations?
169. Sex vs abstenance? sex. lots and lots of fucking sex.
170. Is this too long for you? put it up there and find out.
171. Online buds vs real life buds? my dog.
172. Chat rooms? i work for a living, but thanks.
173. Yahoo vs eXcite? yahoo.
174. Brandy vs Monica? twat?
175. Bill vs Monica? they already... uh... "versed"
176. Saddam vs Fidel Castro? seriously over this versus thing.
177. California vs Florida? they both can fall into the ocean. bye you lizard scum!
179. Radio vs TV? radio.
180. Homework vs classwork? didn't do either and don't plan on ever starting
181. UPS vs Fed-Ex? i like the brown uniforms. it made gary's butt look cute.
182. Delta vs American? delta.
183. Jonathon Taylor Thomas vs Leonardo Dicaprio? yeah, this survey is a bit old, eh?
184. Pamela Anderson vs Carmen Electra? nice to look at, but i'd really rather not touch.
185. North vs south? north.
186. East vs west? west.
187. Canada vs mexico? canada
188. 90210 vs Dawson's Creek? muff munch.
189. Jay Leno vs David Letterman? same thing.
190. White vs wheat? i'm not bread racist.
191. Paper vs plastic? i kill plastic trees
192. Trojan vs LifeStyles? no.
193. Jeopardy vs wheel of fortune? the price is right.
194. Life vs death? deathdeathdeathdeath.
195. College vs high school? death
196. Swiss vs American (cheese)? american
197. Tongue vs no tongue (kissing)? i like tongue. more options.
198. Mustangs vs Mercedes' Kompressor? they both say you have a small penis.
199. You have got to be getting bored! ...and you have got to be running out of questions
200. Dogs vs cats? MY dog
201. Where do you live? in my head.
202. Where were you born? carmel, new york
203. Do you lead an exciting life? yep. you can have it if you'd like.
204. Do you wish that you lived somewhere else? yeah.
205. Have you ever been on a cruise? i most certainly have not.
206. Have you ever been outside the country? bah
207. What is your boyfriend/girlfriends name? lily and heinz. don't tell gary.
208 and 209 went bye bye: like they offed themselves or ran into a quiet part of the country to make babies?
210. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? i ate your soul
211. Do you eat breakfast? i lurve brkfst
212. Do you go to church? my "church" exists in nature.
213. What religion are you? Heathen
214. What ethnic background do you come from? italian, german, ukrainian, irish.
215. Do you like to ride bikes? yes
216. Have you ever rode on a horse? a horse stole my hymen, once.
217. Have you ever been to Montana? no, but i would like to.
218. Have you ever seen a three legged dog? i don't like to stare, it's rude.
219. Do you own any pets? 2. some days, 3.
220. Do you like dogs? MY dogs... isn't this like the 6th or 7 thousandth time i've said that same response?
221. Do you like cats? sometimes.
222. What is your favorite book? casino royale.
223. What would you do for a million dollars? what would you LIKE me to do??
224. Do you have a million dollars? oh yeah, i just work 12 hours a day for my sanity.
225. What color is your bed? uh, bed-colored.
226. What is under your bed? jesus.
227. Are you afraid of the dark? being a creature of the night, i know what lurks out there.
228. Do you use a nightlight? no.
229. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 3: black boots, black skate shoes, and black converses.
230. What is your favorite magazine? marvel comics
231. Do you wear a bra? only when it's necessary
232. Do you wear boxers? if i wore underoos, i would.
233. Have you ever gone commando for a day? since 2003, baby
234. Have you ever met any famous people? ray liotta and allen covert
235. Are you famous? on frasier street after midnight
236. What is your favorite holiday? halloween and friday the 13th
237. What kind of perfume/colonge do you wear? i like gary to wear drakkar noir
238. Do you like Nike or Adidas? adidas... like the old school kind.
239. What brand of clothes do you wear the most? wal mart and ebay. no thrift stores out here :(
240. Have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty? probably.
241. Who gave us the Statue of Liberty as a gift? france
242. Where did the hamburger come from? cows
243. How much money do you have in your room? my room? i don't take those guys on frasier street to my HOUSE.
244. How much money is in your pocket? no pocketses.
245. Are you rich? in the poor kind of way.
246. DO YOU WANNA be rich when you grow up? i'd prefer not to grow up.
247. Can you see your feet when you stand straight? as compared to standing crooked. CHA i can see my feetses.
248. What color is your computer? black, like the void in my soul
249. What kind of computer do you own? dell
250. Do you have any piercings? yes.
251. Any tattoos? no.
252. Where is the best place to have fun? the woods
253. Do you wear a watch? i used to, but now i work in food service. so i quit.
254. What kind of toothpaste do you use? the kind you put on a toothbrush.
255. What color is your toothbrush? pink. i shit you not.
256. What is on your mouse pad? Colorado Avalanche!
257. Do you have any fillings? yes
258. Have you ever had surgery? no?
259. Are you happy with yourself? is that really any of your business?
260. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? i'd remove the horns and the tail
261. Are you hungry? not so much.
262. What is your favorite food? the kind i make.
263. Do you work out? no, i tuck in.
264. Do you ever feel like you're the worst person alive? i already know it!
265. Are you goody-goody or naughty-naughty? i don't repeat my words consecutively.
266. ever done? i ain't dun nuttin
267. How many peeps are on your buddy list? less than the last time you asked me this question.
268. Are you racist? yep. i hate all races.
269. Martin Luther King Jr. or Jesse Jackson? now i see where that last question was going.
270. Do you like school? no. i hate students, too.
271. What is your favorite college? the blown up kind.
272. What color is your hair? uglay.
273. What color are your eyes? blue-gray
274. What is your height? something between 5'6" and 5'8"
275. What is your weight? somewhere between 120 and 130
276. Do you have a big nose? no schnoz.
277. What are you gonna be in 10 years? a corpse.
278. Can you sing? the question really is, will i? and the answer is no.
279. Can you draw? yes.
280. Can you play any instruments? geetar
281. Do you have a unique feature about yourself? i'm three legged.
282. Favorite subject in school? the kind i could skip.
283. Least favorite subject? the rest of 'em
284. Best teacher? bill hicks.
285. Worst teacher? jesus
286. What is your GPA? lower than the rest of the conform-ites.
287. How often are you online? when i'm not sleeping or working or playing video games
288. Do you hate chain letters? not as much as i hate the people sending them.
289. Have you ever snuck out? of what?
290. Have you ever borrowed the 'rents car without permission? i have my own that i pay for, thnx
291. Whats on the radio right now? probably commercials. am currently listening to a playlist.
292. Whats the big news story of today in the world? yahoo is advertising the dethroning of super mario
293. Which is better? what's it compared to?
294. Do you have a good sense of humor? at least i HAVE one.
295. Are you funny? is this a trick question?
296. What are you obsessed with? working, apparently.
297. Do you kiss on the first date? i haven't had a first date in... uh.. a long time.
298. Who is your crush? i crush yo head.
299. Where would you rather be right now? asleep.
300. When was the last time that you did something good for someone else? excellent question.
301. I know you've got to be getting tired! ...aren't you the fucking mind reader.
302. Are you self-conscious, conceited, or neither? all of the above.
303. Favorite month? the one(s) with the extra pay day.
304. Favorite day of the week? off.
305. Favorite year of your life so far? infancy through 6th grade.
306. Favorite thing to do in the summer? blow things up.
307. Favorite thing to do in the winter? blow things up.
308. Favorite candy? panties
309. Favorite gum? stride.
310. Favorite ice cream? mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, heavenly hash
311. Do you like the group 311? not after they remade the cure. cunts.
312. Type of shampoo/conditioner that you use? suave
313. Type of soap you use? i like dial, but i don't always get my way.
314. Biggest loss in your life? my soul.
315. Favorite salad dressing? ranch
316. Favorite pizza topping? this survey wouldn't be so damn long if the same questions weren't here 10 or 12 times.
317. Type of deodorant you use? the clear kind.
319. Favorite web site? coloradoavalanche.com, http://www.metal-archives.com/
320. Most romantic thing ever? hot hot sex my way, or camping.
321. Where do you work? bank and a convenience store
322. Craziest person you know? myself.
323. Most humiliating moment? birth
324. Have any kids? i do not spawn.
325. Do you want any kids, how many? none. no. no. no. no. no.
326. If you could be any animal what would it be, and why? a wolf... i don't need to explain myself to you.
327. Favorite smell? drakkar noir, fresh laundry, hockey rink
328. Worst smell? people.
329. Favorite sound? silence.
330. Worst sound? people.
331. Best feeling in the world? isolation
332. Worst feeling in the world? anticipation of the inevitable... and people
333. Best concert you've ever been to? melissa ferrick.
334. Lefty, righty, or both? right.
335. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop? how many grains of sand in a desert?
336. Favorite thing do to on the weekend? not work
337. Have you ever played strip poker? we WERE going to... but andrea pussied out.
338. Skinny dipped? no
339. Whats your zodiac sign? taurus
341. Pen or pencil? if balancing a checkbook or drawing, pencil. everything else requires a pen.
342. Coolest thing about your house? it's cheap!
343. Do you like rollercoasters? i do.
344. Are you afraid of heights? no. i'm not very comfortable on suspended roadways (i.e. bridges), though.
345. Do you get motion sickness? only when standing still. ha. ha. fucking ha.
346. Ever rode a bull? no.
347. Ever kariokied? a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
348. Do you like thunderstorms? i invented them.
Look, 349 died.. sucker.
350. What color are the walls in your room? which room?
351. Favorite store? ebay. and officialabyssrecords.com
352. Favorite flowers? sunflowers. and dead ones.
353. How do you dress? black.
354. Ever lied? i never ever ever ever ever lie. never ever.
355. Ever cheated on a test? only when i would show up to take them.
356. Ever taken a test honestly? honestly, maybe. not seriously.
357. Do you cry? tears of blood.
358. Is your hair long or short? long
359. Most over played song? all of them.
360. Whats a good song that never gets played? the ones i listen to.
361. Night owl or early bird? uh, i like to stay up late.
362. Would you rather be a snake or a zebra? your vagina.
363. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? i'd fuck the backstreet boys. some of them. maybe not.
364. Beanie Babies or beanie buddies? what. the. fuck.
365. Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhart? your vagina.
366. Clemson or USC? excuse me?
367. Who has it easier guys or girls? the ones that still live with their mommies and daddies
368. What is your favorite number? for fuck's sake.
369. Have you ever had a 3 some? in my head.
370. Would you ever have a 3 some? in my head.
371. Are you a good typer? superior. and i can speak english while typing, too, which is rare these days.
372. Are you wondering when this will ever end? no, i am aware of the scroll bar.
373. Malls or outlets? no.
374. Washington or Washington D.C.? kill 'em all
376. South Carolina or North carolina? it's the same thing if you take away the border... just the northern end gets more snow... north carolina.
377. North Dakota or South Dakota? north.
378. Motorcycle or 4Wheeler? jeep
379. Are you confident about yourself? when i don't let people intimidate me.
380. Do you want to go to Antartica? sure. free food, free board?
381. Hawaii or Alaska? i'll take the money.
382. What was better; the U.S.S.R. or Russia? yeah, i'm of the lesser educated here.
383. Do you love yourself? sometimes i like to love parts of me.
384. Are you a homosexual? not necessarily.
385. Ever been in a gay relationship? i have... unless "gay" means "happy". ha!
386. Are you bi-sexual? technically, no.
387. I hope 384-386 were: wearing condoms?
388. What do you sing to yourself when you're down? no.
389. Do you sing in the shower? no.
390. What is your favorite Disney movie? pixar.
391. What is the weather like at your house? freezing rain and sleet. good. fucking. times.
392. Are you having fun yet?! don't threaten me.
393. Do you like Kool-Aid? cool is spelled with a "c"
394. What brand of tissue do you use? i'm sorry, what?
395. What brand of cheese do you have in your fridge? land-o-lakes
396. What brand of milk do you use? the kind in a carton.
397. Were you breast fed? all my life. sometimes still on the weekends....
398. Do you want me to stop? no... don't stop... almost there...
399. If your life came down to making one decision that would forever determine
your future what would it be and why? what's the decision?
400. What is the capitol of Iceland? reykjavik


George W Bush Protects the world from Zombies!! [Nov. 23rd, 2008|01:19 pm]
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2008|12:32 pm]

this film explains a lot. such as, how political candidates get all of their funding, why the media is not objective, and how easily we allow ourselves to be manipulated.

please, for the sake of evolution, watch it. THE WHOLE THING.

(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2008|01:49 am]



(no subject) [Sep. 14th, 2008|12:12 pm]
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There was an article in the paper today about convicts who were signing up to vote. My personal beliefs state that if someone has committed a felony, most, if not all, of your rights as a citizen should be revoked (after reading this article, too, i promote proper grammar to be taught in prison). After all, we're trying to prevent these kind of things from happening, right?

here's some quotes that i feel are important:
"... they had given briefings to officials for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign about how to register former felons. But the Obama campaign has been reluctant to acknowledge any concerted effort."
"None of the felony voter registration organizations contacted for this article could recall hearing from Senator John McCain’s campaign. And a campaign spokesman said there had been no effort to reach out to former prisoners specifically."

there's a bumper sticker i would love to see, "felons for obama"!

Ron Paul and Ralph Nader [Sep. 13th, 2008|10:24 am]


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